Upcoming Events

Honors By Contract Student Presentations

Students earning honors credit by individual contracts will make 10-minute presentations of their work to the Honors Committee and college community Monday December 4th through Thursday December 7th in A 205 from 1:00-3:00 PM.  All faculty, staff, students and community members are welcomed to attend these sessions to learn more about the honors program and the exciting research undertaken by our students.  Click here for the presentation schedule.

Trip to Seminole Canyon and Carlsbad Caverns

Members of the Student Honors Enrichment Council (SHEC) will explore 12,000 year old cave art and sites of prehistoric human dwellings s well as venture 700 feet below the surface of the Earth as a part of their annual May adventures.  For information on joining this outing or supporting our students efforts to learn more about the world around them, contact Sasha Tarrant.  Here's our schedule and links to our two major stopping points, Seminole Canyon State Park and Carlsbad Caverns.